• A startling revelation of the dysfunction deeply embedded in the very culture of American medical practice, problems that health care reform scarcely begins to address. —Peter Boyer, Newsweek
  • This thought-provoking guide from a leader in the field is a must-read for M.D.s, and an eye-opener for the rest of us. —Publishers Weekly
  • Unaccountable is a gripping story about what’s wrong with the American healthcare system and what we might do to make it better. —Peter Pronovost MD, PhD, Executive Vice-President, Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Every once in a while a book comes along that rocks the foundations of an established order that's seriously in need of being shaken. The modern American hospital is that establishment and Unaccountable is that book. —Shannon Brownlee, Author of Overtreated
  • A galvanizing book full of shocking truths about the current state of health care. —Kirkus Reviews

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AN URGENT CALL to make our healthcare more transparent, more democratic, and safer for patients.

In Unaccountable, Dr. Makary provides readers with a behind-the-scenes view on how U.S. hospitals are changing for the better and for the worse. He points out how hospitals are becoming giant corporations while patients blindly walk into a dangerous marketplace they can't study or evaluate."Who is in charge of overseeing medical care in America?" asks Dr. Makary. In Unaccountable, readers will learn the shocking truth about the wild west of modern medicine, including its hazards and heroes:

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